Human Growth Hormone: A Question Of Scam Or Fact

HGHIt appears that we are never completely in a space of contentment and natural peace with ourselves. As humans subjected to clingy carnal ways, we are always looking for the next big thing, the newest fixation or the latest innovation. Never are we ever satisfied and content, and in a vain attempt to achieve the finest expression of ourselves, this unrelenting urge makes us want to look, feel and project the younger version of self that defies the growth process. I am speaking about human growth hormones and the cycle of growth hormone dependence that has a lot of pioneers wishing they had never started in the first place.

Against popular belief, human growth hormones (HGH) exist in natural form in the human body. The first thing that seems to come to mind when people hear of HGH is to assume that it is an artificial hormonal supplement. However, the truth is that there are two main types of growth hormones: naturally occurring, and artificial/synthetic/anabolic growth hormones. The human body is an amazing thing, right? To stimulate growth, the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus –in the brain- work in unison to bring about the development of the human body. The hypothalamus is responsible for triggering the release of naturally occurring HGH by the pituitary gland. When the hormone is released into the bloodstream what happens is simply ‘clockwork’, as cell division, repair, and regeneration are set in motion, as well as other functional processes important for human development. The size and strength of body cells is increased –hence the popularity of anabolic steroids in world sport-, mainly the result of an accelerated processing of amino acids into protein. It is not therefore hard to imagine how the possibility of use in sports and other areas of life cannot occur when it offers such potential for greater body efficiency. Now, here’s the catch.

Before the ‘commercialization’ of HGH, the medical profession mainly used HGH to treat various human conditions. For instance, HGH was initially used to treat people going through delayed puberty, cancer and AIDS patients, and people suffering from muscular problems, to mention but a few. In the formative years, HGH was actually extracted from cadavers –dead bodies- and then processed for use in other human beings. However, the discovery of HGH prompted the creation of artificial HGH, which is the lab tailored synthetic hormone referred to as ‘anabolic’. The rather unfortunate reality is that by falling into the wrong hands, the regulation of supplements of this nature became difficult. This is when we start to speak of side effects and unfounded claims that make people believe that such supplements can be used for other ‘not so important’ things. Of course, when you buy Human Growth Hormone under the counter you should get worried.

Anyone who intends to buy HGH hormone supplements is surely headed for uncertain disaster as most of the claims made have not been substantiated by thorough medical research, and neither have they been supported by medical experts as having the benefits they claim to possess. It is for this reason that most people end up crying foul when they start experiencing side effects such as:
1. Impotence
2. Reduced sperm count
3. Deepening of the voice
4. Growth of facial hair
5. Development of breasts
6. Changes in the menstrual cycle
7. Acne
8. Liver damage
9. Unusually rapid gain in weight

So when you consider buying hgh for sale, do yourself a favour and consider whether injecting yourself with anabolic steroids is really something that you want on your conscience forever. The side effects are real and not imagined. So the next time you come across an Ad banner with the words ‘Human Growth Hormone for sale’, or ‘hgh for sale’ be careful for you will be trudging in the murky waters of the unknown, and there is a lot more to it than the bold print that meets the eye…..